How to Have a More Focused Day

Being a stay at home mom usually requires a lot of attention on lots of different things throughout your day.

You have breakfast, lunch, dinner, laundry, practices, schooling, playtime, cuts and scrapes to mend, fights to break up, toys to share… my goodness if I don’t stop now I won’t get to the rest of the blog post. But my point is your day can become very overwhelming if you don’t know how to have a main focus to start out with for that day and how to keep focused throughout that day.
So I am just going to share with you some tips on how to stay focused on your day, that I use in my home.

  • Put things away right when you get home.


  • Pick out one thing, while your still in bed, that you want to get done for that day. (Only one! Make it something that will motivate you to get out of bed each day.)


  • Use a dry erase board and make a list of things that have to get done for that day, then right beside that put down what you would like to get done but aren’t crucial.


  • Do the dishes before you go to bed.


  • Do the laundry while working on something else around the house.


  • Make a weekly routine of certain things you do on certain days. (This will help you know what needs to be done the next day.)


  • Make sure that you time things out accurately. (Allow enough time for each thing. Don’t cut yourself short because it will cause you to feel as though you are running out of time and start stressing.)


  • Put things back after you use them.


  • Make a home for anything new that comes into your home.


  • Get rid of things you don’t use.


  •  Learn how to use a timer for everything.

These tips will help you to stay more focused on your family, home, and what you enjoy doing. I encourage you to try one or try them all and see what works and what doesn’t work for your family.

Do you have a routine, tips, or even a system in place that you use for your family to help keep your days focused? Or maybe you have a question to further help you stay focused, whatever it may be I would love to hear from you.

Just leave a comment below.

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Talk to you soon!


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