Spring into Mudroom Madness

We all know what happens in the spring,  rain and usually lot’s of it.  So how about your mud room or even the entry way into your home, is it Spring ready?  If it’s not or if you haven’t even thought about it let’s tackle it before it tackles you.

Keep in mind that a mudroom can potentially be any part of the home that is entered frequently, whether it be the back porch, front porch, hallway, entryway, basement, or even if you are using the entry way closet. So I am going to use parenthesis around mudroom so it can mean any of these areas.

Let’s start by answering some questions about organizing mudrooms.

What can be stored in the (mudroom)?

  • Sports equipment
  • Shoes/mud boots
  • jackets/raincoats
  • umbrellas
  • backpacks
  • key holder
  • incoming mail drop off storage solution
  • pet grooming supplies or toys
  • tools
  • briefcase
  • cellphones/chargers
  • battery stations
  • first aid kits
  • disaster kits : flashlights, blankets, extra food, or water
  • washer/dryer
  • laundry supplies
  • outdoor kids toys


How is a (mudroom) used?

  • A (mudroom) is usually the room or area where everything gets collected either on the way in or out of the home.
  • For putting on and taking off shoes, coats, hats, gloves, and scarves just depending on what season it is.
  • It is a place to drop off and pick up keys, mail, sports equipment, school bags, briefcase, cell phones, and pet grooming supplies.
  • It is also a place to store dog food, tools, and gardening supplies.
  • It is also know to be used as a laundry room.

Tips to organize a (mudroom):

  • Look carefully at your high traffic area that you use and see what is actually in there, sort like items together, and simply make a home for it there.
  • If possible add a storage bench for putting on and taking off shoes that way you can lift the seat and use the inside for extra storage.
  • Use cubbyholes, hooks, shelves, shoe racks, baskets, plastic storage containers, totes, or cabinets to organize the clutter.
  • Keep in mind the flooring that you have so you make sure that you won’t ruin it, you might consider putting down rugs to protect the floor.

If you have any other great ideas or information you would like to share about your mudroom or examples you have seen I would love to hear them.

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