Winner of the Week Wednesday – Organize With Pencil Cases

Buying back to school supplies is drawing to an end, but here are a few ideas for those pencil cases that you may have lying around your home or can find on sale right now.

But first, here are a few examples of what I mean by pencil cases…

Supply Zip Case for 3-Ring Binders

Oxford Zippered Ring Binder Pocket

A&W Products 3-Hole Pencil Pouch

6 colorful pencil cases, pouch with zipper pocket

BAZIC 3-Ring Pencil Pouch with a Mesh Window

Now on to those great ideas for using clear pencil pouches to organize some areas in your home…


  • They are great in the bathroom for loose hair ties and hair pins. Just stuff them in and zip them up.
  • If your children are crazy in love with stickers, like mine are, then just take all of those loose stickers you have laying around and put them right in. You can also put the pencil cases in an empty binder labeled stickers and there you have in an organized sticker minder with no mess.
  • What about in your kitchen? Do you have any loose recipes or coupons laying around? Stick them in one of these babies and your ready to go.
  • Let’s go over to your office or mailing station. Do you have loose stamps or receipts that need a place to stay organized and out of the way? Zip them up in a clear pencil case and your good to go.
  • What about when you get home from the store or an outing and start emptying out those pockets of loose change, where can all of that money go? Wow , I think your getting the hang of it now, put it all in a pencil case and stick it in a drawer for one of those moments when you may need some spare change.

Well, I think you have the idea of the many ways that these clear pencil bags can help organize and declutter your home.

So come on try them out and see what you think about them.

And next time you visit just leave a comment below telling me how you used your pencil bag.

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