A Great Way to Use a 9 Cube Organizer


This is a great idea for storing children’s toys.

My husband and I have four children ages 1-6 years of age and we were looking for a easy way to keep the children’s toys organized and separate but in one room. My husband did some searching and found these bright colored storage totes from Amazon.com.  So he ordered two totes for each child.  Then we found this 9 cube organizer from Wal-Mart. The two went together perfectly and each child has a space for his/her toys.  They are very light weight and can pull out and put away their toys at any time.   They also each know where their tote belongs.

This was a great success for us.

My husband found a great idea, so remember when organizing, to get ideas from your family and seeing what will work for them.

If you have any other great ideas for storing kid’s toys I would love to hear them.

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