Decluttering…Using a Sterilite 12-Quart Dish Pan


Okay, this week’s Winner of the Week is a repeat from a previous blog post but I can’t talk about it enough.



Sterilite 12-Quart Dish Pan

This is such a simple item but the uses for them are unlimited.

It’s uses for decluttering and simplifying your home are so numerous a person couldn’t count them.

Here are just a few ways…

  • collecting together dishes from the table
  • collecting ingredients from the cabinet or pantry
  • putting together art project supplies for your kids
  • keeping any project that you are working on all together
  • water or science projects for your kids
  • pre washing any laundry that has stains
  • throwing papers in to sort them out
  • keeping cleaning supplies together to go to different rooms
  • organizing shelves, cabinets, or closets then labeling them
  • great for kid’s toys
  • washing your fruits and veggies in

See the list could go on and on and it does believe me.`

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t use mine.

Check this simple item out and see how it can declutter and simplify your day to day jobs!

Remember…We’re breaking the chains of life’s frustration and chaos and soaring to freedom!


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