10 Ways To Get Motivated Before Tackling Clutter

It usually takes motivation for us to get started and stay working strong on projects of any kind. And it usually takes a little extra motivation for those projects that we don’t want to do.

Fighting clutter takes a lot of extra motivation to get the job done!

Here are ten ways that just might help you get that extra dose of motivation that you need to clear your clutter.

10 Ways to get Motivated Before Tackling Clutter

1)Listen to music or audio
2)Get someone to watch your kids
3)Ask a really good friend to help you
4)Reward yourself when the job is done
5)Have a party with family and friends over to show off your accomplishments
6)Have your goals and plans in mind and written down to keep you focused
7)Get all of your necessary supplies ready before you start
8)Have snacks and drinks accessible so you don’t waste time
9)Turn the ringer off on your phone or anything else that might distract you (t.v.,computer…)
10)Take before and after pictures to watch your progress


Here is just a list of ten but there really are countless ways of getting motivated before decluttering.

Do you have a way of getting motivated that you would like to share, if you do I would love to hear them.

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