Organizing For This Seasons Traveling – Part Two

Hey, out there come join me in looking at some great products to help you in organizing this year’s traveling plans.

What and how do we keep all of out papers organized when traveling? We definitely don’t want to be one of those people that you see in movies that goes to reach for a certain paper in their briefcase and ends up spilling the whole thing…and you guessed it you can kiss those papers good bye, as they blow all over the place. Either that or it’s raining and they get soaked and unable to replace.

It’s not such a good thing when it’s cherished photos that your taking to grandma’s house, passports used to get there and get back, or even a map to help you find your way to get to grandma’s.

Don’t end up being one of those people that finally makes it to your family’s house with your hair all a frizz, bags hanging all over you, and looking like you are stressed to the max. Have everything where you need it when you need it so that when you arrive at the “relatives” no matter who they are related to you can look and feel your best because you have used some of these organizing tips.

Cosmos ® Blue Multi-Purpose/passport Case/Bag/Holder/Organizer for Card Money Ticket and more + Free Cosmos Cable Tie

New Passport Holder By Shagwear

Premier Glove Box Organizer

Link Depot LD-MCHOLDER Memory Card Carrying Case – Black

Tip: Instead of letting those grand photos get ruined on the way to grandma’s house use this great carrying case to hold your memory cards in. Then either when you get to grandma’s house  find a local photo lab to print them off there.

Do you have any great organizing traveling tips that you use that you would like to share?

If you do that’s great I would love to hear them, just leave a comment below.

Remember… We’re breaking the chains of life’s frustrations and chaos and soaring to freedom!

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