Frustrations with an Unorganized Pantry

Here are some examples of Frustration with an Unorganized Pantry

Walking into the kitchen and looking for dinner ideas maybe easy for some to do but for others it might be feel a bit more overwhelming. The cluttered pantry is stuffed to the max with things that haven’t been seen or touched in years. In fact the door won’t even close all the way. So how does a person find, prepare, and serve a meal this way?

Well it starts by searching endlessly in the unorganized pantry for the one item that was supposedly in there. Meanwhile, while digging for ingredients, an avalanche effect starts. Those unidentified looking glass jars start crashing to the floor, making yet another job to be done.

Having an unorganized kitchen and cluttered pantry is not easy to be used and adds hours to making meals and it seems almost impossible to restock and find a place to put new groceries.

Do you have frustrations within your pantry?  Please share them I would love to hear from you.

 Keep Step’n Up Organizing

Using 3 Steps

Frustration, Motivation, and Organization



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