Get Organized for Severe Weather

Are you prepared for severe weather? 

Don’t get caught unprepared or unorganized in the case of severe weather.

This might sound a bit silly to be on an organizing website but along with getting your lives prepared for day to day life.  We also need to be ready and organized for the “just in case” situations.

I was just listening to the radio the other day.  They were saying because of the temperatures being so warm out this spring that there were tornadoes in places that don’t normally get them.

So hey, let’s get those “just in case” situations organized, under control, and prepared.

Here are a few videos that can help you get you and your family organized and prepared.

Here are some questions to keep in mind as you are preparing for severe weather.

What do I need to have packed?

How long should I be prepared for?

How should it be stored?

Where should it be located in my home?

How should I prepare my family with the kit and what is in it?

If you have already prepared and organized your severe weather kit for your home and family and would like to share some ideas you have I would love to hear them.

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