Daily Declutter Tips: Dishes Dishes And More Dishes

There’s nothing like sitting down to a great homemade dinner with your family.

My kids love cooking whether it’s helping me with daily meals or making special things like cookies, cakes, or as my three year old son likes to call it “making something delicious”.

My husband also is a wonderful cook and loves making special dinner or just experimenting with different foods.

So in my home the kitchen is the most used and lived in room.

But as all of you moms out there know, dinner also comes with dishes. Yeah, dishes.

With all the hands that are in the kitchen helping all at once we always have things falling on the floor, being stuck in someone’s mouth, or getting put where no one can find them. Therefore just about tripling what dishes it would normally take me.

But hey, I guess that’s all part of the fun and they learn new things about cooking in the process.

So back to the tons of dishes frustration.

When I was first married and my husband and I only had one baby, I admit I was a bit lazy. After making and eating meals, I would leave everything where it was and move on to something else that had more of an interest to me. I very quickly learned as we increased in family size that, that was not going to work anymore.

Not only were we running out of dishes for the next meal but you had another job to do before you could even start the next meal.

We really needed to find a daily declutter tip for dishes, desperately.

Have you ever tried to prepare a meal with a sink full of dishes? From my point of view it’s impossible. Washing vegetables over a pile of dirty dishes is really not ideal.

Which led us to take the easy but costly option of spending way too much money on “eating out” just because we didn’t want to face cleaning up the mess.

Whew, talk about being wore out at meal times. They just were not enjoyable.

At this point I needed a solution and quick.

And guess what…I found out how to make using, storing, and washing dishes a lot easier for me and my family.

Dish tubs…I know so easy and simple right?

So instead of piling my sink full of dishes we drop them in a dish tub that sits on the counter.

All of my children one to seven years old knows exactly where their dirty dishes go. Whether we’re “making something delicious” or we are finished eating a meal they all know to put their dishes in the dish tub.

These are the ways it works for me!

1) I don’t have to do dishes right away and they’re not piled in the sink keeping me from doing my next task.

2) The table gets cleaned off right away after every meal.

3)I don’t have to do it by myself.

4) It teaches my family a good habit of cleaning up their own mess.

5)The tubs can be used for way more than just dishes.

I encourage you to try this if your dishes are out of control like mine were.

Do you have your dishes under control some other way? If so I would love to hear what you have done and how it works for you and your family.

Just leave a comment below.

Remember…Organization is not at all about labeled perfection, it’s simply making things easier for you and your family.

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