Before opening those windows to let some fresh air in, get those stacks of paper organized and under control!

It’s springtime and it’s time to get those windows open to let that fresh air come in and refresh our homes from a winter of being closed in.

But take warning if you have stacks of papers piled up high around you and cluttering up your home, opening those windows are going to cause a whirlwind of paper chaos.  So before you do let’s eliminate some paper frustrations.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to quickly make those piles turn into something that works for you and is a lot less messy.

3 Easy Steps to Eliminate piles of paper clutter

1)Sort through those papers.

  • Throw away any papers or things you don’t need or want.
  • Use boxes or bags to keep papers together while sorting.
  • Make sure that if others in your household receives mail that you get them involved in the sorting process so that you both are clear on what to do with their mail going forward.


2)Make categories for them and file them.

  • Your categories might sound a little like these; Money, Family, Hobbies, Business, Contacts, Medical, etc.. These are just a few examples of what you might have as categories.
  • Find a way to file that suits your personality, whether it be filing cabinet or cubby holes.
  • Label your categories
  • File your papers

3)Make an incoming outgoing system.

  • In order to keep these papers from piling up on you again you have to have a system in place for papers coming into the home and going out of the home.
  • You will need about 5 cubby holes, baskets, or totes just something that will hold your mail and papers without problem.
  • Put these containers in the place where you normally put your mail when you come in so it’s natural for you.
  • When you receive mail or papers you will go to your containers and just drop them in the right category for that piece of paper.
  • Your categories for incoming and outgoing might look like this; to file, to do, for others, financial, reading material, etc…….

I recommend setting a time everyday or just once a week to go through your incoming and outgoing bins just to make sure that you are taking action on what needs to be done with those papers. Such as filing if they need to be filed, reading some of the reading material, doing the to do’s, giving the papers that belong to someone else, and paying the bills.

This might seem overwhelming to begin the paper organizing process, but use the motivation step to see how you will actually benefit from having this system in place.

I am interested in hearing how you tackled paperwork clutter and what worked and didn’t quite work for you, or if you have any creative ideas you would like to share I would love to hear about them.

Keep Step’n Up Organizing

Using 3 Steps

Frustration, Motivation, and Organization

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