“Keep Out” Eliminating Chaos and Clutter

I watched as my one year old tore into what she thought was an amazingly appealing envelope that we received in the mail.

She ripped it all to shreds and was so fascinated with what was inside it, that she also sparked an interest in my seven year old. By the time they were both done, it was completely in shreds all over my bed.

I only wish they had taken up the same amount of interest in the trash can (that by the way was only about a foot away) as they did in the mail.

Watching my children, I thought about how many times we get projects out to work on them and end up leaving them right where we worked on them.

If your like me and have a few small children around the house, leaving your projects out is only setting you up for disaster. Because you know all too well that you are going to have curious children come see how they can help mommy and daddy with their work.

You have probably seen this before, you walk in the room and they have an ink pen writing all over your papers. They look up at you with an innocent grin and say “but I was just drawing a picture for you”.

Now your bills have big smiley faces all over them and you can no longer see the final amount on your electric bill.

Cute, yes, but this can definitely increase your stress level to the max to where you think your going to lose your cool.

I experience this all to often in my home.

You may not want to take the extra few minutes it takes to put things away right after your finished using them but trust me, chances are you won’t want to do it later. And later by the time you get to it, there won’t be a clean piece of paper in your notebook, there will be red crayon markings all over those pictures, that ball of yarn will not be in a ball but in knots all over the floor, and any important document will be in shreds all over the place like confetti at a birthday party.

This also rings true in every room of your house whether it is makeup in the bathroom or spices in the kitchen, just take those extra few minutes to put them away.

It takes a whole lot less time to put the spices back in the cabinet than it is to sweep them up off the floor and have to go to the grocery store to buy more.

So on those very motivational thoughts (ha ha)I encourage you if at all possible to put stuff away, right away, after using it.

This will eliminate some of the stress and chaos that is brought about and we will always know where to find our projects when we need them.

Do you have an incident where you didn’t put something back right away and would like to tell your story on what happened next?Please do I would love to hear them.

Plus it would put my mind at ease that I am not the only one with this type of thing happening in my home!!!

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