Kid’s Storage Ideas

I think all too often we hear from our kids that they have nothing to do.

In our minds as parents we think, how could that possibly be when they are standing in a room filled with colorful, noisy, bouncy toys. Right?  Well, I think this every time my kids tell me that they have nothing to play with.

They get so bored playing with the same toys over and over again.

So why not spruce things up a bit. You can have your kids toys organized and enjoyable all at the same time.

A great way to accomplish this is to rotate out their toys.

Rotate them about every two weeks to a month just to give them fresh “new” toys to play with.

Here is a great shelving unit that will make organizing and rotating out their toys easy.


Using these colorful canvas totes, it’s a cinch to remove and store.

You can easily store these totes in the top of a closet, attic, or garage without having to put them in and out of other containers or bags.

Just slip the old ones out and slip the new ones in sooooooooooo simple.

My kids love their totes. Each one of my children have a different color so they know which one is theirs.

They also like the fact that during clean up time they can pull the totes out and use them as a game to put their toys away.

Their latest game is that they are chipmunks finding and storing nuts for winter.

It’s so funny and the best part is they are cleaning which makes me happy.

Do you have a certain way that you store your kid(s) toys that you would like to share?

I would love to hear them.

Just leave a comment below. Talk to you soon!!

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