Coffee Cans – Money $aving Tips

Do you have a “catch all” dresser, counter, or shelf in your home?

You know, the one where you walk in, empty your pockets out right then and there, and it seems to be overflowing with money, receipts, and empty gum wrappers.

Or for those of you that are like me you empty your pockets before going to bed and you have a collection of snot filled tissues, small objects you found in your child’s mouth that day, grocery lists, or to do lists.

These piles then end up all piled in your catch all spot. Which starts to overflow all over the floor. Therefore leaving you with kind of a mess and who ever has the time to sort through and clean up those piles.
This is what I have found to work in my home.
I have taken left over empty coffee cans, put slits in the tops, and put them in our “catch all” spots. We have one for money, receipts, and small objects. When we empty our pockets for the day, it all has a place to go and it doesn’t end up all over the floor.
Plus you don’t have to spend money on buying a container.

It solves your “catch all” situation and saves you money.

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