It’s Spring Time!!! It’s Also Time to Get Those Outside Toys Organized

Organizing children’s outside toys

After having the kids inside all winter it’s time to get outside and play off some of that bottled up energy.  Then comes the question from your children, “What should we play with first?” and yet comes another question in your mind, “Where are we going to store these toys?”

Spring time always makes me think of bubbles, chalk, pail and shovel, and sports balls. And the great thing about these toys are that people of all ages enjoy them.

So now we know what we are going to play with but where are we going to store them in an organized way?

Here are some great ideas I found while searching on Youtube for organizing and storing children’s outside toys.
She shows some great ways to store those very toys that my children play with so this was a great video.


This really motivated me to get those outside toys organized. How about you?


I hope you got some great ideas and if you have your own way of organizing outside toys I would love to hear them.
Keep Step’n Up Organization
Using 3 Steps
Frustration, Motivation, and Organization

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