“Sale Items” or “Free Stuff” Can it Cause Clutter?

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you need to take it!

I love to find deals where things are on sale or better yet when they are free!!  But just because it has the big word “free” on it doesn’t always mean that you need to take those items.

It is so tempting to want to take all the free stuff you can get because hey,

  1. It’s free so you can’t go wrong
  2. You will try to find a use for it
  3. It can become that project you have an interest in working on

Beware… it can all just turn into clutter.

  1. Full of unfinished or unwanted projects
  2. Things you intend to give to someone else but just haven’t done it yet
  3. Even a lot of it is just plain and simply trash (that’s probably why it was free to begin with)

Here are five questions to ask yourself before you take “free stuff”.

  1. Do you have an immediate use for it?

Can it be taken home right now at be used for something in your house or if it’s clothing can someone wear it right away.

        2. Is it still in pretty good condition?

Really take a look at the item(s) to make sure that it’s not broken or missing pieces. You might be the type of person that can fix things with no problem what so ever but if you’re the type of person that can’t then it’s a good idea to leave those broken items for someone else.

  3.Do you already have enough of this item?

Don’t overload yourself. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you need to stuff your home with all of the same item(s) until you feel as though you are swimming in it.

4.Will you wear it?

Clothing is usually the number one thing that I have received that was free. If it’s free you don’t always have the opportunity to try it on before you take it home so you don’t always know if it will fit or look okay on you. If you take it home and find that you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit, get rid of it by donating or trashing it.

 5. Will you use it?

If you’re not going to use it don’t take it. If you think you have a use for try it see how it goes but if you find that you really don’t use it or it’s just not what you thought you needed, get rid of it immediately.

Like I said, I am the first person you will see digging in sale items or “free stuff” but over the years I have learned more and more that just because I can get stuff without spending money (or a whole lot of it) doesn’t mean I need it.

The next time you come upon a sale or free items remember to ask yourself these five questions before you buy or take what’s there. It will help reduce the amount of clutter brought in your home and help you stay focused on what you really want in life.

Do you like finding bargains like sale items or free stuff and want to share your story? I would love to hear them, just leave a comment below.

2 Responses to ““Sale Items” or “Free Stuff” Can it Cause Clutter?”

  1. Jane says:

    Yes the “free” and “on sale” stuff are usually prone to clutter up! It makes us end up overspending and also stuff our closet, work space, or kitchen with stuff we wouldn’t even use.

    Nevertheless it is human nature to get attracted towards “sale” – analyzing carefully before making the purchase could help (or pausing before purchase).
    Jane recently posted…How To Manage A Hectic Schedule?My Profile

    • Sarah Smith says:

      Yes, you have some great points. People, even including myself, really get attracted to “sale” items making it really easy to want to buy, bring home, and clutter up all potential work space in the home. Pausing before you purchase is a great way to really see if you actually need it or not. Thanks for the comment!

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