5 Costs of Procrastination

How long will you put it off?

Those projects that you don’t want to do, those people you don’t want to face, or the over exhausting energy that it’s going to take to complete a project, all contribute greatly to procrastination.

But really how bad can scrubbing the toilet be?

It’s not like the toilet germ monster is going to come out with a mighty plunger in his hand waiting to fight you.

(Do you want to see the toilet monster in action? Then click the video below. Beware you could laugh your head off.)

With each day, minute, hour, or second that passes you by you could just be saying to yourself “I can do this because it’s not as bad as it seems”.

Don’t waste any more time procrastinating.

It can be very harmful to you in many ways, causing you to pay a high cost. Usually costs that we don’t want to pay and knowing we could have prevented it already usually gives us a big sense of guilt.

Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.

                                                                                                                                                                                                           ~Wayne Dyer

Hear are 5 Costs of Procrastination


  1. You get late fees by not paying your bills on time.
  2. You over buy items for your home such as food, toiletries, or office supplies.
  3. You may have even misplaced your own cash or checks at some point in time.


  1. Stress increases when un for-scene things happen or go wrong.
  2. You usually have a sense of guilt already about not getting things done and then when confronted about it from someone else usually brings on more stress.
  3. What happens when you put something off until the last minute and there are expectations from others that you are going to have a particular thing done at a certain time. It causes major stress.


  1. In relationships you are held at a certain level of responsibility and when you procrastinate on doing something that is expected to be done, your relationships may become rocky.
  2. If your the parent and have children, giving them the example of procrastination will not only hurt them in the long run but they will start responding with procrastination towards you on things you want them to do. Leaving you with a strained parent child relationship.
  3. How many times has your husband or child had to go out of the house with dirty wrinkled clothes or no lunch because you put off doing those things for them. It’s not going to be very long before they stop relying on you for what they need and want leaving you feeling as though your family no longer needs you.


  1. You put off getting pictures developed, then when you get around to it you can’t find them.
  2. You can’t seem to get around to planning those special trips or projects with your family because there is always something there making you procrastinate and put it off another year.
  3. Your family will grow up way to fast, before you even realize it so don’t put off for tommorow what you can do today. Make those memories/traditions now because no one else is going to do it for you.


  1. You lost that job promotion because you procrastinated in getting projects completed.
  2. What if you are doing a school report and it may determine a big change or success in your life, should you put your whole effort into it or should you keep putting it off and give it a last minute try? What will that cost you? Maybe a great job opportunity or scholarship.
  3. What about those well needed talks with your children and family. If you keep putting them of you won’t have the successful marriage or family that you’ve always wanted.


Think about your life and what you are putting off that needs to be done now. Just take a little everyday and make the most of your time and chances are it’s not that difficult or hard to do.

And yes it may seem as though the toilet monster is real, but I will let you in on a little secret. It’s probably just someone that has not procrastinated, took the time that was given to them, and they’re just  playing a practical joke on you.

So don’t delay anymore get in there clean the toilet like your queen of the bathroom and hey, maybe if you have enough time left over you could be the one playing the practical jokes.

Do you have a procrastination disaster or success story you would like to share? Or do you have a practical joke such as the toilet monster that you would be willing to share. I would love to hear what you have to say.

Just leave a comment below and we will talk soon!!!

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