Wash Less Dishes Today! – Money $aving Tips

Have you ever ended your overly exhausting day, just to turn around in your kitchen and find piles of dishes waiting for you?

I think we all at some point or another wish we had a little less dishes to do.

Well then, let’s wash less dishes today!

Yeah, I know it seems impossible to do, especially if you have children. You know where you can’t go through a meal without someone dropping a fork or spoon, spilling a drink, or better yet when the whole plate hits the floor!

I think that’s just to keep all of us moms out there in a daily exercise routine of bend, pick up…bend, pick up…bend, pick up…one more time bend, pick up. Meanwhile the children are laughing and we are sweating.

Okay, so this is how I cut down on dishes in my home.

Coffee Filters

Yes, they’re not only for coffee, they can also be used as plates. How exciting is that?

So your probably wondering why not just use paper plates? Well, there is one good reason coffee filters are cheaper!

I pick up 100 count package for 99 cents. That’s 100 plates for only 99 cents you just can’t go wrong with this one.

These are just a very few foods that we do on coffee filters.







Wait, it gets even better!  The kids can now help clear the table when finished eating. All they have to do is grab their coffee filter and toss it in the trash. Wow! Clean up is done.  You have less dishes and more time. You know more time to change diapers, step on toys and hurt your feet, you know mom stuff.

Now just as a warning, precaution, disclaimer what ever you want to call it…don’t use these for all meals.
Lasagna does not work, so if I were you I wouldn’t even try it. Or on the other hand you could but then instead of dishes you would be scrubbing tomato sauce out of your carpets. I think I’d rather do dishes.

Have you tried this same thing or will you give it a try? Tell me what you think, I’d love to hear from you.
Just leave a comment below or you can come connect with me on facebook, twitter, or pinterest.
Talk to you soon!

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