Upcycle: A New Use For Your Sled in the Summer!

I don’t know about where you live but here where I live it is definitely pool time for the kiddos.

I have five children ranging from 6 months to eight years old and finding a pool that was age appropriate was a hard task to accomplish without buying two or three different pools.

So a friend of ours let the kids use their pool which was about two feet deep and great for all of the kids except my littlest one.

I knew that he would enjoy the water because he likes bath time so I grabbed out our winter sled, put it on a vinyl tablecloth, and put just a couple inches of water in it.


He loved splashing around in there and I didn’t have to worry about the older ones splashing him.

It worked great!!!

Do you have some great ideas to upcycle your winter items this summer? If you do I would love to hear them.

Just leave a comment below or you can connect with me on facebook, twitter, or pinterest!

See you soon!

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