3 Easy Steps to Start Decluttering Your Home Today: Step #1… Pick It Up

What are some motivational reasons for wanting to pick things up to begin with?

– That item causes you to be frustrated
– That item doesn’t belong there.
– You don’t want that item any more.
– That item may need to be fixed.
– You use that item in another room completely.
– That item is an inconvenience.
– That item gives you uneasy feelings.
– You wonder where on earth that item came from in the first place.
– That item is the ugliest thing you have ever seen.

You may even be curious to see what that item, that is now in several pieces on your living room floor is and if it is important.

Even though this step sounds as if it is too easy or shouldn’t be there I have it there because we all know that we can’t put something away if we don’t take time to pick it up in the first place.

This first step is here for a reason, and that is… if you have actually picked something up to deal with it, you have just taken action and taken the opportunity to declutter your home.

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