3 Easy Steps to Start Decluttering Your Home Today: Step #2… Decide

Now this step will be a little more difficult as most decisions are, but not at all impossible to accomplish, so get that thought out of your head before it plants itself there permanently.

This step is what will keep most people from becoming decluttered, but really shouldn’t because it’s not as hard as your mind thinks it is.

I have an acronym that will help aid you through the three step sorting process which is… “DR. KOST.”
Others Belongings

“DR. KOST” gives you six clear categories to sort your things into and helps you decide…

– If you really need this item?
– What do you do with the item after you decide to either keep it or to let it go?
– Why it’s so important to take care of those items right away?

You will get a better understanding of how to make decisions as to what and how to donate items no longer wanted, relocating items in your home to where they can be more useful, shows you what things you should keep and questions to ask yourself in that decisions, others belongings and how to go about returning those things, how to sell items, and ways to properly dispose of trash / recycling.

From the beginning to the end of sorting and decluttering your belongings you will be making all kinds of decisions, so I encourage you to keep using “DR. KOST” to help you make some of those decisions and answer your questions along the way.

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