3 Easy Steps to Start Decluttering Your Home Today: Step #3… Put it Where it Belongs

Have you ever picked something up and wondered to yourself how did this get in here?

Actually just tonight right before I sat down to write, I had one of those moments, well actually my husband did and we both got a great laugh out of it.

Earlier today my husband gave our two year old daughter a head of cabbage out of a grocery bag.

He gave her simple instructions to carry it to the kitchen table so he could cut it up for dinner.

Later, after putting away all of our groceries, we could not find that head of cabbage anywhere. We figured as we went along we would eventually find it.

As we continued making dinner, a couple hours later he needed something out of one of our bottom cabinets. What do you think he found?

You’re right!

He found the head of cabbage. So why am I sharing this story with you?

For one… it’s to let you know what really goes on in our house and for two…it gives you a good example of how easy it is for something to be put in the wrong spot.

If it’s in the wrong spot, it will more than likely take you a couple of hours to find it, by then your energy level is coming to an exhausted stage, and also it’s taking up space that should be used for something else causing it to be clutter.

That is why this step “put things where they belong” is so important. It lessens the amount of clutter and let’s you have more time and energy for other things you might need to do, like look for that carton of eggs you told your five year old to put in the fridge a week ago.

Sometimes it may be difficult to figure out where things really should go. Here are some questions to ask yourself to take out the guess work.

– Where do you use this item the most?

Where ever you use the item the most is where it should have a home.

– Do you use this item often or not very much?

If the item is not used very much it doesn’t have to be stored within reach but if you use it often it should be placed in a spot that has easy access.

– Who uses the item?

If there are certain items your children use more, they should be located at a lower level but if adults use them more higher would probably be better.

– When do you use this item?

If it’s a seasonal item, you would want to go ahead and pack those things away and out of the way until that season is there.

– Does this item need to be stored in a special way?

Some things need to be stored in different ways because of potential harm it may cause to someone or something such as medications or because they are weather sensitive, things that should not be exposed to extreme temperatures.

– Why are you having trouble finding a spot for this item?

If you indeed are having trouble finding a home for something, you should probably start by asking yourself again if you really need that item.

Do you have a great way to organize your home that you would like to share? If so, or if you have a question, I would love to hear them just leave a comment in the box below.

Talk to you later!! Have a great day decluttering!

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