Is Your Home Cluttered?

We usually take a look at those gorgeous photos found in catalogs or on TV. and wish that our homes looked just like those do.

Well, I’m here to tell you that unless you find a genie in a bottle it’s just not going to happen.

I have all the proof for this having five young children of my own.  They all go five different directions, doing five different things, and that’s not even mentioning what might happen during mealtimes.

Your house can be “decluttered” and still on some days feel cluttered and full of chaos.  It’s natural!

By the signs of toys on the floor, a box of cheerios crunched up on the kitchen table, dirty clothes thrown about as though a tornado hit the laundry room, and sometimes you might have the occasion where you find your two year old artist has written their ABC’s on your wall with a red crayon, seeing these types of things you know that your house is obviously lived in.  So how can you tell if your home is just “lived in” or if it really is “cluttered”?

I always ask myself one thing that answers that question for me every time no matter what part of the home I’m frustrated with.   And that is, “when it’s time to clean up or tidy up, does everything have a home or place where it clearly belongs?”

If everything has a home and is easy to access and be put back away, you know that your home is just “lived in” and not “cluttered.”

However, if you find that you’re just putting things here and there just to get them out of your way for the moment, then you might want to consider right then if that item is just clutter that needs to go out the door or if you need to make a home for it.

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By Sarah Smith

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