Sorting is a Key When Decluttering

The sorting process is key to becoming organized. It is essentially the starting point to regain your family and your focus in life.

In the process of thinking through what you want to keep in your home,or what you can give up and really live better without it, helps in all aspects of life.

Skills that are needed beyond just getting rid of a pair of shoes, but goes way beyond into what hobbies you choose to spend your time doing, what you choose to spend your money on, who you choose to have relationships with, and really you learn what things you value most in life and what things you can get rid of to move forward in life.

Almost everything in life is a process. It takes a process for babies to go from holding their heads up to walking, from just drinking milk to eating solid foods, and it takes a long process to learn how to go from just cooing to being able to have a conversation.

Going through the sorting process and becoming organized is definitely no exception to that. In fact it’s right in line with that one hundred percent.

I want to look at another process that is very widely known and can easily go hand in hand with organizing, and that other thing is losing weight.

Weight loss is a whole lot like organizing in several ways, and I want to take a few minutes to point those out and look at them a little more.

Have you ever noticed that the two most common new year’s resolutions that we often hear at the beginning of each new year are “ I want to lose weight and live healthier.” and “ I want to be more organized.”?

If you think about it those are the two goals that are focused on and want to be reached more than any others. Even walking into retail shops at the beginning of the year what do you most often see?

I know for me, I always find endless amounts of new exercise equipment, the latest energy bars, workout clothing, and running shoes for those that want to lose weight.

And for those that want to get organized, there are isles and isles of new fancy bins, color coded labels, calendars, cute little pencil holders, and no end of sticky notes that are in any color or shape that you need.

What about the excuses given as to why we can’t reach those goals set in the new year? Let’s take a look at how they really intertwine and relate to each other.

We all to often hear that the reason for not losing weight is because “I am just too tired”, which comes from being out of shape or unhealthy, or “I have too much stuff to do and not enough time to do it in” which comes from being disorganized.

It takes a process of exercising, healthy eating, and developing new habits to lose weight and become healthy. Just like losing weight and becoming healthy, it takes a sorting process where you make decisions.

Decisions to cut out the excess “stuff” you don’t need, and make it a habit of putting things where they belong to become “decluttered” and “organized”, it doesn’t just happen overnight.

If it wasn’t a process then we could just tell someone to go put on an outfit that’s five sizes too small for them and say that it fits perfectly. (Yes, this would be nice but there again only if you have your own personal genie in a bottle.)

In the same way we can’t just put clutter in a box, label it, and then say that we are organized. We need to really take a hold of that concept and realize that it’s just not going to work that way no matter how much you tuck, squeeze, and force things.

It’s going to take a process to get from point A to point B, from cluttered to decluttered.


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