The Real You is Found in Your Piles of Clutter

When you start sorting through your piles of clutter you’ll start finding out more about yourself through each item that’s in each pile that you sort through.

You can reveal who you are, what your likes and dislikes are, what traditions you still keep, and even find out why you stack things the way you do.

In finding out who you are and what patterns you already usually make in your home can really help in the organizational process that follows the sorting process. It gives you those solutions that usually people struggle with and become very overwhelmed with.

But what you really find naturally, through where your piles are located and what’s in those piles is, what systems will work and what your routines are so that you can easily know where the best place to make homes for your things are.

For instance if you find that your end table by your couch is filled with stacks of mail, then you know that after sorting and eliminating those stacks, you should set up a mail organizer there.

It’s what you do naturally already so stick with it instead of trying to set one up say maybe in kitchen on the counter.

Do you have a shoe organizers in everyone’s closet, but always find their shoes by the front door? Well why not put a shoe organizer or tub by the door?

There is no certain rule that says your shoes must go in the closet or even in their rooms.

If you find yourself thinking it has to be a certain way, then you need to realize that by doing what is unnatural and going against those already formed habits, it will only make things harder giving you a greater risk of failure that will keep your home uncluttered and organized.

If you look around the room right now you will see, even under and around all the clutter, a natural pattern as to how your family likes things and where they like to put them.

Don’t try to go against your routines and habits that you already have, use them as clues to help you know where to put things so that you can stay better organized.

So not only are you going to find insight into what habits you and your family have but the process of decluttering and organizing all of your things get’s to be a little easier and more useful.


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