Decluttering Sharpens Your Decision Making Skills

“I don’t want to throw that away because it was a note my boyfriend passed to me in Ms. Lulu’s third grade class.”

Have you thought, said, or heard someone else you know say this or something similar to this as they sort through their things?

Because of situations like this we all too often need to take a deep breath, go out on a limb, and give up those things that we no longer need but feel the need to hang on to for some reason or another.

You may think the example I just gave was funny but look at some of the things you are still holding on to. You may find that there are some just as silly if not more silly.

You will be faced with some of the most difficult decisions right there in the middle of your living room floor sorting through your belongings and deciding what to keep and what should go.

You’ll probably have some laughs as you look through old photos, notes, and papers but, you will no doubt also have times that you see certain things that want to make you kick, scream, and cry like a two year old, after they didn’t get what they wanted.

I know you know what that looks like.

But all of these reactions kind of give you a really give you a clue and a really good sense as to what should stay in your home and what needs to go.

What do you want the feeling in your home to be? Do you want one of laughter, smiles, and happiness or one that looks like that two year old kicking and screaming.

It seems like a no brain-er right? But here again it just doesn’t happen this way, you have to decide to make it this way.

Deciding to get rid of that chipped up glass dish that was given to you by your husband’s grandmother might be a hard decision not only for you but for your husband as well.

But both of you know that you don’t use it and you need to make room in your cabinet for baby bottles or more useful dishes that are used everyday. You need that extra space and the only way you’re going to get it is by making some of those tough decisions.

There will be quite a few decisions to be made through this whole sorting process.

This may sound discouraging but I don’t mean it to be, in fact, I say it to encourage you because not only are you moving forward with every decision you make but you are also developing and brushing up on some of those decision making skills needed for things not pertaining to just the “stuff” in your home.

Being able to look at a situation, even if it is just little Johnny wanting a new toy while your at the store. You say to yourself, “I don’t want to upset him by saying no, but he already has too many toys at home”, then making the decision.

Even though little Johnny will probably not like your answer, you just made that tough decision by looking at the outcome. You looked at how it would make you feel when looking at his room every time you walk by, knowing that you contributed to the clutter that is already bursting at the seams.

The better you get at making those decisions to take action decluttering your home and playing it smart about not allowing more clutter in to overtake your home, the better you get with making those tough decisions on purpose.

The even better part is, through all of these decluttering decisions that you’re facing one by one as they come towards you and handling each and every one of them, keeping in mind what you want in the end picture, you will also become skilled at making decisions that aren’t even related to decluttering.

Maybe you have relationships that need to be sorted out or parenting decisions that need to be made. The better decision skills you develop the more you will find that you and your family are enjoying life the way you want to.


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