A Great Inexpensive Way to Organize Toys

When it comes to toys in the home they usually find themselves everywhere but where they are suppose to be. Have you ever thought that just maybe there might be some truth to the movie Toy Story? Especially finding toys in the fridge, your shoes, cabinets, or maybe even taking a mud bath in the back yard.

Well in my home it seems as though we are always needing to find new ways of storing toys. So I will work through the three Steps with you as I did with my toys.

Step 1: Frustration

Awareness  Costs  Responsibility  Dominate  Action

We were using the cloth totes for the toys which I loved. They were bright colors and each of my five children had two totes a piece just for their personal toys.

Well, just like anything else when something gets old and is used a whole lot it starts to fall apart and that’s exactly what happened in our case.

As you can see, the frustration with our totes were that they were starting to over flow and toys were starting to fall out of the bottom. Making clean up very frustrating for each one of the kids.


Step 2: Motivation

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I wanted to see the kids able to play and put away their toys without troubles. They wanted to be able to play with their toys easier and more often.

And with the toys being something that we have a lot of in their playroom we clearly needed some order. We already had shelves in place for their toys so I just needed to visualize how I wanted to have them this time so that it was neat and also low cost.

I actually planned for this project to be finished in one week however, I could not find the right sized basket or tote at the Dollar Tree so I waited one more week until they arrived. The baskets that I found were white and blue baskets that were almost the same size as the totes that were there before.

I took action in buying them and getting them home with my goal in mind to have this project done by sun down on Friday.

Step 3: Organization

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Now for the project itself. The kids and I took about two hours for this process to happen. We took our baskets and set them all out so that we could sort out which toys they wanted to keep and which ones they wanted to throw away or give away.

I originally was going to keep their separate baskets the way they were with each persons toys in their own basket, however when sorting through their toys we realize that everyone had a little of the same kind of toys in their basket as the others. So instead of giving personal baskets we gave “like toy” baskets. We sorted them out in the categories that you see in the pictures.

The clean up of this is much more simple and can be played with easier as well. They usually play all together with the same toys anyways so all we have to do is pull down one or two baskets at a time instead of all of them for some toys.

The labels that each basket has on it clearly shows what is in that basket and what goes back in that basket. So the whole clutter team knows where things belong.

The extra action we took after putting our baskets together was to take care of our trash and donations right away. We bagged them and put the donations in the back of the car for our next trip out and discarded the trash so that nothing seeps back into the room on accident.


The labels were made by using the computer and typing the words in Open Office Documents, printing them out, then using clear packing tape to cover them for sturdiness. Then I used small plastic zip ties that came 50 to a pack at Dollar Tree to fasten it on the front of the basket.

We are very happy with how this “3 Step Up Organizing” project ended up. The cost for the whole makeover was about $ll.00, which makes us even happier.


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