Unclutter those Medicine Cabinets This Spring!!! (Part 2)

Today we are going to look at some tips on where and how to store medications.

  • Do not store your vitamins and medications in the bathroom if at all possible. Medications state that they should be stored in a dry place and let’s face it, after a hot shower it isn’t exactly dry in there any more.
  • Storing them in a kitchen cabinet is a great place to store them, just make sure that it is not in a cabinet over the stove or the refrigerator due to moisture.
  • Make sure that if you have children and pets that you store medication and vitamins in a higher out of reach spot.
  • A great idea is, if you want to keep each person’s medications and vitamins separate, use a different small basket for each person.
  • If your medication comes with schedules on amounts to take and how long you should take them. I have a some great ideas for that too. Tape them to the inside of your cabinet or you can line the inside of your cabinet with cork board or sheet metal and tack them or use  magnets to hold them in place.
  • Label and make clear the expiration dates on bottles and containers so it will be easier to see when they need to be disposed of.
  • Small baskets are great to store medications and vitamins in also you might want to use tier shelves, regular shelves, or maybe even some turn tables.


Here are just a few tips to start you getting your medicine cabinet uncluttered and organized this Spring. So don’t delay spring into action and get motivated with unstuffing those medicine cabinets.

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