Neat Organizing Ideas for the Inside of Cabinets

If your refrigerator is like mine it has taken on the appearance of an art gallery.  All those precious pictures get posted right up in front to be seen by all.  However lately every time you open and close the doors to prepare meals they just keep flying off like airplanes leaving you chasing after them.  Sometimes this can leave you silently chuckling to yourself or it can be a little frustrating.

Here are some really neat ideas for using the inside of your cabinet door to organize those creations of art!

You simply take the inside of your cabinet doors and line them with sheet metal or cork board.  Then you can either use magnets or tacks to hold things in place.

Not only can you display art but you can also organize coupons, recipes, to do lists, phone #’s, calendars, the possibilities are endless, so be creative.

Having organized kitchen cabinets will keep your kitchen decluttered also.

If you try this or have already used this idea, I would love to hear how it works for you and to hear some creative ideas for what you use it for.

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