How To – Stay Organized From Kitchen to Picnic – Part 1

The weather is just absolutely perfect for a picnic outside with your family this spring.
Whether it be a picnic, BBQ, or a family get together, we usually want everything to run smoothly and be organized.

Let’s talk this week about how to stay organized, from preparing your food in the kitchen to sitting on the ground enjoying your picnic.

Here are some questions, that we will discuss this week, to ask yourself before you get started on your picnic. These questions will lead you to an organized picnic with your family.

  • Who will be joining you on the picnic?
  • What kind of food will be taken on the picnic?
  • What do you need to take on a picnic besides food?
  • How will I transport my things to the picnic?

The first question we will discuss is: Who will be joining you on your picnic?
This is a very important question because it will determine what you will eat and pack.

Are you:

  • going alone
  • going with adult friends
  • going with someone special
  • going with children
  • going with……

After answering this simple yet important question, you can then start planning and organizing your picnic according to who is going with you.

Join me tomorrow and we will discuss question #2

If you have any suggestions or comments on organizing a picnic I would love to hear them.

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