How to – Stay Organized From Kitchen to Picnic – Part 2

Today, we are going to look at our second question about staying organized from kitchen to picnic.

What kind of food will be taken on the picnic?

You just absolutely can not have a picnic without food it’s just impossible. In fact that is the one thing that actually makes a picnic what they are. So I would have to say that organizing the kind of food that you are taking on your picnic is key to a successful event.

With all that being said let’s dive right in and see what the right foods are and what the wrong foods are. (And yes there can be wrong foods on a picnic.)

Wrong foods:

  • Ice Cream

This can be very messy and melt faster than can be eaten. It will take a lot of cleaning and you can guarantee that your nice picnic blanket will be sticky and covered with insects trying to eat up leftover melted ice cream.

  •   Fried Foods

Just imagine sitting out in the wide open fresh air surrounded by wet wipes and napkins that are grease saturated and flying through the air. This in itself could just ruin a romantic picnic or any picnic at all. So leave the fried chicken and things like that at home where there is a sink near by.

  • Foods that need to be refrigerated or heated

This is nearly impossible to keep things cold or hot depending on what they are and you don’t want a picnic ruined because the temperatures weren’t right. You just won’t enjoy the food as much if your worried that the other person(s) with you won’t enjoy the food you have prepared.

  • Foods that melt in the sun

Can you just imagine opening a special dessert that you spent hours to make just to find that it has melted into one big pile of ooey gooey mess in the bottom of your picnic basket. Just not a pretty sight and then you are feeling upset and there goes the great mood of the picnic that was going so well.

  • Too much work food

These are foods that you will spend all picnic cutting, chopping, and preparing. Don’t do all of that unnecessary work at the picnic do it at home before you come so that the picnic will be relaxing and enjoyable.

Right Foods:

  • Already made sandwiches

Sandwiches are great because there are so many kinds, shapes, and sizes ready for everyone, especially if they are already made and in containers easy to serve.

  • Cut up fruit and veggies

This is a great way to keep it simple and keep in finger foods.

  • Chips or party mixes

With a variety of kinds, this is sure to make everyone happy and is very simple to serve and eat.

  • Pre-made Salads

Just make sure when bringing salads along, that they will hold up no matter hot or cold.

  • Individual desserts

Something sweet at the end of a picnic tops it all off, so make sure that the dessert you packed is easy to serve, eat, and won’t melt before eaten.

Now look back at our first question we asked ourselves: Who will be joining you on your picnic?
This question, when answered, will help tremendously on what kind of food you will take.

  • If you are taking children along you will probably want to take easy finger foods and lots of liquids(if hot outside).
  • If you decide to take a picnic alone then take what you want but just remember it’s just you so don’t pack heavy.
  • Are you taking a special someone on a picnic? Then make that special meal, maybe spice it up with a little wine or special dessert and more importantly find out what they like.
  • If you are planning a fun trip with your adult friends take into consideration what they like to eat or you might just have each person bring their own meal or a side dish to go with the whole picnic.

This is a cute and very true video on who brings what to a picnic.

Make it simple, easy to serve, and make it the right foods.

Congratulations you have now organized your picnic food. Enjoy!

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