How to – Stay Organized From Kitchen to Picnic – Part 4

Okay we almost have our picnic organized and ready to go except what we are going to put all of our picnic stuff in (the basket).

Question #4: How will I transport my things to the picnic?

This is really fun part because the basket really gives the picnic the finishing touches.

There are so many options and things to consider before purchasing a picnic basket so choose carefully.

Here are just a few picnic baskets that I found that just might help you organize your picnic to fit your own style.


This is also a great video I found on purchasing the best picnic basket for you.


If you found a great picnic basket that you would like to share I would enjoy hearing about it.

Click below to get a PDF on the steps of an organized picnic.
Who will be joining you on your picnic?

I hope your picnic is organized and enjoyable.

If you would like to share your ideas or even some stories of a picnic you have had recently I would love to hear them.

Thanks for joining me!

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