Top 10 Frustrations and How They Make You Feel

Many Faces

Face of Frustration

Top 10 Frustrations:

  • Being Late – Have you ever been late to something and everyone stares at your every move when you walk in or at least that’s what you felt like. Being late could  cause missed appointments and sometimes you can really let down the ones you love the most by being late.


  • Losing Things – Sometimes losing things either that you just had or something you have been searching for for a long time can really make you feel stupid or unreliable.


  • Not Being Able to Stay Focused – Not being able to stay focused on the one thing you are trying to get accomplished may make you feel confused, overwhelmed, and unaccomplished.


  • Not being able to quickly find what your looking for  – It’s very embarrassing when someone is waiting on you to find something for them but to be honest you don’t even know where to begin looking for the item. Then finally feeling ashamed and pathetic you simply say that you will find it later and give it to them.  Or what if you are  in that emergency situation and can’t find the first aid kit or contact information you need in a hurry doesn’t it make you feel helpless when you can’t help someone else in their time of need.


  • Making bigger messes just to find something – I tell you there is not many things more frustrating and bring on feirce anger than when looking for something or just to start a simple project and have to either climb through a mess or make a bigger uneccessary mess in the process.


  • Not being able to invite people to your home/ or go out with others – Have you ever compared your home to other acquaintances homes and just shuttered at the sight of your own home? Then the thoughts start running through your own mind how embarrassed you would be if someone was to actually see your home.  Would they laugh at you? Would they think you were a bad person? Would they try to make trouble for you by saying your home is unfit to live in?  What would people say?


  • Not being able to enjoy your hobbies – What are your hobbies? Do you even know anymore or has it been so long since you thought about what you really wanted for you?  Your home and everything in it just seems to be swallowing you whole and taking up every bit of energy you have so anything extra seems to just be overwhelming to even think about at this point.


  • Not enough time in the day – Do you end your day feeling like you’ve been on a treadmill all day and have not accomplished anything?  You feel like even if you had all time in the world that would just get you started.  Sometimes you might just feel like if you don’t have time for it you just shouldn’t do it anyways.


  • Too much “stuff” – Have you ever had the feeling that your home was alive and swallowing you whole or that is was out to get you and wouldn’t let you succeed no matter how hard you triedEven if you wanted to clean it up you just would have no clue where to start and the sense of anxiety would smack you in the face.


  • Embarrassed – Finding that your life does not match others lives or what you want in life it can leave you feeling humiliated, rejected, or even lost in life.


  • Not knowing who you are because you are lost in your stuff – Who are you? Does this question frighten you or leave you questioning it yourself?  It’s really like putting together a puzzle with a million pieces with no picture to go with it. You really have become your “stuff” and if you thought about it you might even be able to say that you are hiding behind your stuff just for a good place to hide.

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