Organizing Item of the Week! (April 23)

This is a great organizing item that my husband found on Amazon.

It is a wall hanging file system that works great in so many ways.

We use ours for our children to keep school papers and notebooks organized for different subjects. It is so simple for them to use. Our children that use this are ages 3-7 and even they can easily take their things out and return them without any complications at all.

Each file has a dry-erase label so that you can easily label each one and changing the file name is just as easy.

I even recommend it for adults as well, for organizing bills, important paperwork, office papers, recipes, emergency contact information, messages or notes for each person in your home, chore lists, any of these and so much more.

This system is really great for those of us that need to visually see our papers instead of having them crammed in a file drawer somewhere.

Organizing papers, folders, and notebooks don’t have to be complicated or difficult at all any more. If you think this might work for you then give it a shot and see how it goes.

If you have one of these or have any suggestions or comments about this item please share them, I would love to hear them.

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