Now, Where did I put that?

Bloopers in the kitchen.

Not to long ago my children were helping me bake in the kitchen just like other days.

We made our dinner and did our routine clean up, where the kids help put the cold stuff away (which means the stuff that belongs in the refrigerator) and everything else that is out and about covering the table and counters.

Everything was going smoothly or so I thought, until the next day. I could not find my container of sugar that belongs in the cabinet.

I searched all over in the cabinets, on the floor (who knows where it could have been, right?), I actually started to retrace my children’s steps when they where putting things away.

I bet you will never guess where I found it. Okay do you give up?

It was in the refrigerator.

My oldest son had forgotten what he was putting away and without even second guessing what he had in his hand he stuck it right in the refrigerator. Of course I had to give him a hard time about it so I asked him where he put it and of course as we started laughing about the situation I told him where I found it.

I really don’t want to find the eggs or milk in the cabinet though that might not be so funny>

This was definitely a funny situation, but this situation happens to adults all the time. We have something in our hands and instead of really looking at the item and figuring out where it goes we just put it somewhere. The somewhere, that it doesn’t belong. Then the next time we need it we spend countless hours looking for it, and trust me by then we are definitely not laughing about it.

I encourage you to take a few extra minutes each day to actually put things where they belong. Take that extra step it will be well worth it in the long run.

And if your in a hurry at least put it in the room it belongs in at least that way the next person that needs that item they will at least not have to go very far to look for it.

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