Organizing Item of the Week! (April 30th)

Great Item of the week just for those of us who love doing dishes, or those of us who don’t.

This past weekend while doing my dishes I realized that I had a great tip for keeping dishes organized and out of the way.

I have a family of six so when we have a meal we have lots of dishes. Dishes can pile up in the kitchen very fast and if the sink is the first place the dishes get piled then it will be overflowing in no time.

But what if you can’t wash them right away? What happens? Do you start struggling, moving dishes around trying to work around them.

That in my experience is frustrating and near impossible to do.

A while ago one of my friends started using a dishpan like the ones pictured below. And as my family started growing I adopted this brilliant idea and it has saved a lot of trouble for me.

This is how I use mine: After meals my children all rake out there plates or bowls and place them in the dishpan. They pile up in the dishpan instead of the sink, this is so wonderful. Then I either wash them right away or I have the option of leaving them until later. (Which is usually the case.) This frees up the sink and there is less likely a chance for everything to topple over. Another option is to put soapy hot water in them and let them soak while you are busy working on something else.

I have four of them, I don’t use them all at once but there are so many other things you can use them for.

I have also been known to put all of my ingredients in it before cooking just so they are all in the same spot.

Just some kitchen organizing tips, I hope you can use them.

If you have these dishpans and use them in other ways that you would like to share I would love to hear them.

Remember: Use those everyday frustrations to solve chaos in your life.

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