Is Clutter Costly?

Is clutter costly?

You might say right off hand that no, of course not, but let’s dig a little deeper and find the truth.

Do your bills get paid on time or are you still trying to find last months statements?

-That costs late fees.

Do you ever buy duplicates of food, shampoo, toilet paper, razors, office supplies etc. Sure it’s okay to stock up but not so much that you have to live outside because the inside of your house won’t let you in?
-That’s wasted money and space.

Are you buying clothing (under and outer) because you can’t find them or they are in the dirty laundry and you haven’t washed them yet?
-With the high prices of clothing these days that can cost a lot of extra money.

Does having clutter in your home and in work spaces around you cause you to be late or miss opportunities?
-Being late for a number of things could cost you friendships, job opportunities, relationships, sometimes if you miss an appointment they charge a fee when you don’t show up. Yes having clutter in your life is very costly in so many ways.

Having clutter fill your life also costs you emotionally.
-You might start to feel embarrassed, less self confidence, angry, bitter, ashamed, disappointed, the list can go on and on if you let it.

Some questions to think upon:
What can you do with the extra money that you could be saving?
How would you feel if you had less clutter?
How would having less clutter improve relationships in your life?

Do you have hobbies and interests that cost money but you always seem to not have enough money for them?

When will be the right time to gain control over your life and your home? TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is clutter costing you?

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