Are We Leaving Yet?

Preparing and organizing for a two day trip with four children.

My family and I just got back from two one day trips.

What I mean by that is we went on a trip for one day then came back home, then the next day we traveled on another trip then came back home that night.

The first day my husband and I took our children to the zoo, and the second day we took them to Chuck E. Cheese and Fantastic Caverns.

We had a really great time!

But what I wanted to share with you today was the preparation and packing that we did to get ready for the trip.

My husband was so excited that he started the packing process with the kids by packing books, notebooks, and pencils. Just a few things for them to work on while we were driving.

He also had them pack two extra sets of clothes one consisting of shorts and t-shirt and the other of pants and sweatshirt just in case it got chili out at some point.

They also packed an extra pair of shoes, socks, and underclothing just in case.

I was in charge of all the food preparations.

Below are some pictures of what I packed as far as food and utensils and how I organized them.

Sorry it was really early in the morning when we took these pictures so they aren’t the best but they will do.

This is a list of things that I packed for our trip:

  • five juice boxes for each child
  • frozen water bottles ( great for using as ice packs and drink when they melt)
  • 1 gallon of water
  • 1 plate and 1 fork for each person for each meal
  • napkins
  • wipes
  • toilet paper
  • 2 trash bags
  • several Wal-Mart bags (for dirty diapers or wet or soiled clothes)

We had three meals to pack, breakfast, lunch, and dinner so here is a list of what I packed for those meals.

  • bagels with cream cheese already spread on them
  • lunch meat
  • cheese
  • mustard
  • bread
  • miracle whip

This list is what each person had in their bag.

  • a mixed veggie bag
  • a mixed fruit bag
  • a cheese stick
  • a bag of chips and cheese crackers
  • a bag of cookies
  • a banana

The food that needed to be cold I put in ziplock bags with each person’s name on it, and the other food items I put in a brown paper bag with each person’s name on it.

Like I said earlier that we took two trips so I double packed so we would have enough for the second day.  I simply put the second days worth of food in the refrigerator and separate bag ready to go for the next day.

This method really helped me because let’s face it walking around the zoo in the hot sun all day with four children can make a person tired.  Having all of the food all ready to go for the next day was a tremendous help and I got a little extra sleep.

When we sat down to eat each person two bags and I made sandwiches while we were eating.

I would have to say that this way of organizing food for a trip worked really well.

Just a little tip though, we found that the kids  were way more thirsty than hungry so make sure you pack enough drinks.


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