It’s time to clean out the kitchen sink!

Okay, ladies yes it’s time to clean out the kitchen sink, but not the one in your kitchen.

Now your probably wondering what kitchen sink, right?

Well, it’s the bag that weighs close to a ton on most days, you either carry or lug it over a shoulder.

Do you know what kitchen sink I am talking about yet?

Yes of course it’s your purse.

It usually has everything in there including your kitchen sink but today is the day to clean it out.

I was sitting at the laundry mat this morning waiting on my clothes to wash and just thought I would see what’s in my purse.

Yes it sure was time to clean it out. When I finished I had a huge bundle of receipts just waiting to find their way to the trash can.

What I realized this morning is that you don’t have to make a special time to sit down and clean out your purse, it can be when your waiting in the car for someone or something or when you have some spare time waiting for your next task to begin.

Just give it a few minutes a week to clean that kitchen sink out of your purse and not only will you save time looking for things in it but you will save your energy trying to carry that thing around from day to day.

Just wanted to share this tip with you.
Hope you have a great day and happy scrubbing 😉

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