Organizing Item of the Week

The other day I was trying with all my might to juggle my children, groceries, and unlock the door at the same time. Typical right for a mother right?

But something was different this time, something was making the already difficult job even harder. Can you guess what it was.

Okay the suspense is getting to be too much to take.

It was the huge wad of keys that I was trying to work with. First, it’s hard to find the right key in all of those keys that supposedly unlock something, then trying to unlock the door while keeping the other keys out of the way.

What to do with all of those keys?

Well my husband and I looked through the keys and soon found out that we only use about half of them. Some belong to where my husband use to work and some we had no idea where they even came from.

Are your keys becoming a problem for you?

Maybe today is a good time to sort through them and see which one’s you really don’t need any more.

For this week’s item of the week I thought maybe since we were talking about keys that we could look at key holders so that you can find your keys easier.

I really like this key holder because it can be used for incoming and outgoing mail as well.

Here are some simple key holders.

Here is a key holder for all of you dog lovers out there.

There are tons of different style, shape, and sized key holders out there so find one that fits your personality and find those keys easier and faster.

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