Things Break

Have you ever gotten something organized and looking just the way you want it to and then it breaks.

I have just experienced a lot of things breaking down.

When you have four children things do get used (a lot) and on some days used roughly.

My changing table fell through, thankfully when no one was on it.

But that’s all apart of life right?

So how do you pick up the pieces of what remains and try putting them back together?

Actually, things breaking can be beneficial believe it or not.

For me I usually take this time to see if what systems I had in place that broke actually worked that well or if I needed some changes.

Now is a great time to do this.

Let me give you an example:
I don’t know anyone who really likes getting down in their refrigerator and scrubbing it out. But what happens when a jar of salsa falls and breaks in it or a pitcher of drink get dumped over?

Sometimes you get so aggravated when things like this happen and of course you unwillingly go get something to clean up the mess, and really it doesn’t take too long to do it.

Then you look inside your refrigerator the next time you need something out of it and you are so amazed that your refrigerator could look so nice.

It’s just these types of things, at first they make you fuming mad but in the end your usually so glad that it’s clean and more usable now then it ever was.

I guess you could kind of say it’s a blessing in disguise.

So, use those frustrations to better your organizing.

If you have a time when something broke or had a frustration that actually worked out to better your situation, please share those with me I would love to hear how you handled it.

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