Is Laundry Taking Over Your Home?

If you have more than one person living in your household, laundry can pile up.

But laundry doesn’t have to be oozing all over your home.

Piles upon piles to where you can’t find your bed, your room, and even your floors.

Being in that situation is a real pain.

I have seen and been apart of that situation in my life and here are some of my frustrations I had to endure.

  •  Not being able to find clothes to wear.
  •  Not being able to find clean clothes to wear.
  •  Having to buy more and more clothes just to have something clean to wear.
  • Embarrassment because I had to wear dirty wrinkled clothes sometimes.
  •  Finding out that some of my clothing    had mold, mildew or stains on it from being wet too long or laying on the floor with something wet up against it.
  • Stains from being on the floor or walked on.
  • I hated having friends or family over because of the amount of laundry piled everywhere.
  • The smell of dirty laundry piled high everywhere was enough to make a person gag.
  • High stress levels, fighting, and complaining that laundry was not being done.
  • Having to walk over what seemed like mountains of laundry just to get from room to room.

Laundry frustrations indeed.

Ways to eliminate some of those laundry frustrations are…

1. Sort through all of your laundry in your home and get rid of all the clothes that:
-don’t fit
-your not going to wear
-stained (moldy or mildew)
This will eliminate a lot of laundry in it self. (Make sure to go through your closets and dressers as well.)

2. Wash and pack up the off season clothes that you intend to keep, just to get them out of the way for now until you have a more permanent place to put them.

3.Go through your in season clothing now just to make sure that you want to keep them all, again.

4. Start putting your laundry in the appropriate rooms, dressers, closets, and bathrooms. ( If you notice that you still don’t have enough room to put all of your laundry away easily, you may need to find other closet solutions or just get rid of more clothing.

Tip: If you have enough room and space to put your laundry away it won’t take as long and you will start seeing laundry a little less stressful and dreaded as it use to be.

Trust me on this one, nice, clean, put away laundry sure beats stinky, dirty laundry that you have to bulldoze through every time you come home.

Do you have a rough time with laundry?
Do you have a way that you deal with laundry that works for you?
I would love to hear any of them that you are willing to share.
Just leave a comment below.

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