Back to School “Organized Style, at Home”

Bringing School Closer to Home with Less Clutter and Chaos

A lot of times when we think of sending our children to school every year, we think about all of the things we need to send with them to school, their crayons, scissors, binders, notebooks, and all the way up to gym clothes and locker organizers.

But does it truly end at school or does it really end at home every day?

Where do they throw their backpacks and unload those piles of papers?

Where do they do their homework and need all of those supplies to finish those important projects?

Do they have space for all of these things?

-A clear work area (preferably not their bed)
-A place for all of their extra pencils, pens, and paper
-A way to clearly mark when assignments are due and goals to be reached
-Some way or time every day to show you what they are doing and check their work
-A place to list the items they need whether extra supplies or everyday supplies

Do they have a lot of clutter surrounding them and are unable to find what they need quickly and easily?

Chances are they are going to just give up looking and eventually it will effect how they perform at school and other activities that they are involved in.

Just watch, clutter really drains a person and especially our children. In fact it stresses them out.

We really don’t want our children stressed out before they even get to school in the mornings, do we?

They do a lot of work at school each day but chances are they bring even more work home each day to do, so I really encourage parents to take special note as to what their children need to be more productive at home as well as at school.

Help make your child productive and successful!!

There are a lot of great products that you can get to aid the needs of your children’s school life at home.

I will be posting other blog posts of items, ideas, and places to get school items so be on the look out for those.

Do you have a great set up for your child at home or some great ideas that you would like to share? I would love to hear them, just leave a comment or picture below.


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