How to Keep those closets organized with Back to School Clothes and Shoes

Usually along with back to school time there comes a lot of chaos, stress, and rushing around trying to buy those essential school supplies for our children.

Not only do they need those crayons and notebook type things , but they will also probably need new shoes and clothes, whether for gym or just everyday use.

So I thought it only appropriate to talk about those closets that will probably be crammed full with a few more articles of clothing and a couple more pair of shoes.

Five steps to help you organize your child’s closet before school starts

1) Take all of the clothes out and sort through them, getting rid of any clothes that no longer fit.

2) When putting the hang up clothes back in make sure you hang like items together (etc. pants with pants, short sleeve shirts together, long sleeve shirts together……..) This will make it easier for them to pick out what they need more quickly.

3) Also sort through shoes, you will probably find that there are a lot of shoes that no longer fit and that they don’t wear that are taking up so much space.

4) If you do not have a shoe organizer, you might look around for one. But keep in mind how your children are some would like their shoes all sorted out so they can see each pair and some might just like a tub or bin to throw them in. Which ever one works for them and keeps their shoes off the floor then go for that solution.

5) After sorting through their clothes and shoes and any other accessories they don’t want any more, make sure that on one of your trips out, that you take those clothes and donate them right away so they are no longer taking up your much needed space.

You may be surprised at just how much more room you have after taking the “no fits” and “don’t wants” out. You can also do this with dresser drawers as well, or if you and your child are feeling really good about the process and making room in their room again, why not just go through their whole room.

Help you and your child start the school year with a fresh organized start so the both of you can feel more productive at the end of each and every day.

I found a great video to help you get those closets organized for school.

Do you have any tips or ideas that you would like to share about organizing your child’s closet or room? If you do I would love to hear them. Just leave a comment below.


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