School paper chaos into School Papers you can Treasure

Every day that your child has class, they will probably have a stack of papers to bring home to mom and dad.

So what do you do with all of those, oh so precious papers?

You really can’t keep them all because if you did your home would be a sea of school papers, not to mention those cute pictures and things they draw and create at home.

Here are some easy tips to turn school paper chaos into school papers you can treasure.

  • If your child brings home big art projects or 3-D art work that are nearly impossible to store, simply take a picture of your child with that project, then file the photo.
  • Through out the year, have a box or tote something big for them to drop all of those papers in, then at the end of the year sit down with your child and together sort through which papers to keep for that year. Here’s the catch to it though it has to all fit into a binder, folder, or file. This will help you and your child develop those skills together on getting rid of excess that you don’t really need.
  • You can also buy portfolio boxes that are big enough for those bigger projects.
  • Make a parent binder at home for all of those important papers that parents need to have such as: field trip information, school teacher’s information, or any other school activities and special dates to remember.
  • There are tons of products that you can purchase to help you keep those papers organized. In a recent Winner of the Week Wednesday, you can find some of those products, check it out maybe you can find some ideas to help you.

These few tips will help you treasure those school papers and not think of them as a nightmare.

Do you have your child’s school papers organized and would like to share how you have done that, I would love to hear those ideas.

Just leave a comment below.


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