How to Make an Easy Snack Box for your Kids

With school starting you finally get rid of your kids, right?

You’re probably thinking that the school can deal with feeding them and giving them their nice healthy snacks, right?

If this is what you are thinking then there is no need for you to read this blog post, so go on about your day and enjoy life as you know it.

But… If you are a parent that is the least bit concerned about your children and what they eat and don’t eat then let’s get started.

Is it ever a hassle it your household to find snacks to tie over your children until the next meal?

Do they pester you and make you feel like you are a bad parent because your not going fast enough in getting their food?

Well… It’s time for that to change!

Give them some responsibility in getting their own food.

Yes I said it… RESPONSIBILITY!!!!

We are going to make a snack box (or healthy food box) which ever you prefer. One that goes in the refrigerator and one for your cabinet.

Having an easy snack box in your home will take some of those frustrations of you thinking your a bad parent away leaving you feeling better and more self confident.

With all that being said then let’s get started.

  • You will need some kind of box or tote to fit in your cabinet and one to fit in your refrigerator or just use one of the drawers.

  • Go shopping and find snacks that you want to put in there such as: veggies, bagels, chips, fruit, dips… You will also need to pick up some little snack zip lock bags.

  • When you get all of your things home go ahead and wash them, cut them, and put them in their separate bags. (have your children help you, this will lessen your work)

  • Set them in either the refrigerator or cabinet and remember to set limits to how much they get per day or week and when it’s gone for that day or week they don’t get any more until the next time you restock it.

  • Have your children let you know when they are getting low and have them make lists for the store for restocking it.

Here are a few videos that I found for different suggestions and ideas on the same topic.

Do you have a way to keep your kids stocked with snacks and would like to share? I would love to hear them, just leave a comment below.


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