Motivational Monday

Take action!

It’s Monday again, and you are probably rushing around doing last minute back to school preparations.

I just wanted to give you a quote to think upon this week and I hope that it helps you to have a more productive week.

Never confuse movement with action.” 

                                       ― Ernest Hemingway

A lot of us go throughout our weeks just moving, but never really getting anything we want accomplished.

We stay busy and exhaust ourselves to the point that we don’t have any energy left in our bodies to speak of.

Why is this? What really qualifies as taking action instead of just movement?

Taking action is knowing what you want to have happen, goals that you have, and making actions to get to those goals. The rest is just busy work.

Look around you, among the chaos of back to school preparations, and see what chaos or clutter needs to be organized this week and set goals for those things. Big or small it only takes just one step to get started.

Take action this week, work on your goals. If you don’t have goals yet, then get started today. Make a goal of setting your goals, so that you know that you are taking action this week and not just moving.


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