Winner of the Week Wednesday- Throw out the difficult shoe organizers!

Do you or anyone else in your family have one of those fancy shoe organizers that hang over the door or stand on the floor? You know, one that you have to put each shoe on very carefully or else they fall off. Do those really work?

Maybe they work for you, but I tried them for my husband and I, then I thought maybe my children could keep their shoes organized that way. Boy, was I wrong. It was more work than it was worth.

Now don’t get me wrong if they work for you that’s great, I encourage you to keep using it to keep your shoes organized.

Since it didn’t quit work for my family, I needed to make it simple and easy if I wanted each person’s shoes to be in one spot and “organized”.

So I purchased a soft plastic basket from Wal-Mart and guess what they worked. All they have to do is throw them in the basket when they are finished wearing them and if they need a different pair they know where to find them. Yeah it may not look as appealing as those show room, picture perfect models of shoes being organized, but it’s what works to keep our shoes organized.

Here are some examples of baskets that you may want to try for your shoes.

Like-it SCB-1 Plastic Round Laundry Basket

Like-It SCB-8-OR Scandinavia Style Oval Basket, Orange

Tubtrugs 3.5-Gallon Storage Bucket

Romanoff Treasure Chest, Hot Pink

United Solutions 17-Gallon Rope Handled Tub, Blue

Well, there are just a few to choose from if you want to “organize” your shoes like my family does.

How do you organize your shoes?
Leave a comment below I would love to hear your shoe solutions.


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