Motivational Monday- What is “Organization”?

What is “organization” and what does it mean to “be organized”?

Usually a lot of us get the picture in our heads right away about those magazine pictures of organized rooms.

Rooms that have obviously never had children in them and probably never lived in as well.

Well, this is all good and well if you don’t live in your home and never plan on living in your home, but what about those of us who have kids and a spouse that actually live in our homes?

Is there hope for us or do we just get to stare at those photographs and deepen our depression and stress knowing that we will not have this “picture perfect” or “organized” home as long as we live.

Well the truth is, is that organized is not all about labels and the fanciest storage containers.

It’s about making things work for you and your family.

Labels and sometimes complicated storage containers don’t always work for everyone that’s why a lot of us get discouraged and give up.

Then we start telling ourselves that we will never be an organized person.

But in reality we just need to find what works for us, our needs, and our family’s needs.

Start looking at organized as being what’s good for you and your family not what would look good in a magazine picture.

Please let me know what you think about this topic I would love to hear from you.
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