Winner of the Week Wednesday – Have Kids in the Car?

Kids + Car = MESS

We tend to have more strict rules for a brand new car right after we buy it. No food or drinks and only clean feet and clothes are allowed.
But after a few months those rules tend to go out the window. Now there are probably sticky things stuck to the floor and seats, stains from food, drinks, and dirty wet shoes not to mention the trash is probably starting to pile up.

How embarrassing is it to open your door and have a mountain of trash tumble out and even more embarrassing to see a grown up running through the parking lot trying to catch flying trash.

Man to me that sounds like a whole lot of hassle, frustration, and wasted time. Doesn’t it?

Well, here are a few solutions for your car that will eliminate some of that chaos and embarrassment…

Munchkin Backseat Organizer, Black

Talus TrashStand Floor Litterbag Compact-Black

High Road SwingAway™ Driver Organizer XL (Black)

Tip: When getting out of your car have your children help take anything out that does not belong in there so that the next time you get in you will actually fit in and won’t have to tell that pile of trash next to you who’s boss.

Do you have a creative way to keep your car clean or maybe you have a question on how to keep your car clean?
Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

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4 Responses to “Winner of the Week Wednesday – Have Kids in the Car?”

  1. mail says:

    I agree with your formula Kids+car=MESS. I have a new car and 2 active daughters. I can only keep my car clean for 2 month after that they start eating in the car and sometimes it got really mess. It just really hard to keep your car clean if you have a kids

    • Sarah Smith says:

      Yeah, it’s so easy for our cars to become messy, especially if we are strapped for time. Then it seems the rules for keeping the car clean go right out the window. We start letting our kids bring in food, drinks, and all things sticky. It happens! Thanks for the comment!
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      • mail says:

        This happen normally when we have a long journey way back to our hometown. Sometimes children get hungry but the rest area still far away, no choice but to let them eat in the car. My tips is simple, I always ask my wife to keep an eye on them while their eating and don’t let them to touch seat or door panel, always bring a tissue in car and only allow dry food. By this way I can minimize the mess in our car. Anyway 3 tools you mention above is really useful and thank you for sharing. Cheers

        • Sarah Smith says:

          Those are really great tips! Letting your kids know ahead of time what you expect from them when going on a long journey is great. That way they know what you expect and they also learn how to respect your car. Taking them on a long journey they are usually excited and it’s something out of the ordinary that’s new and fun. So sometimes they tend to forget what you expect from them. So it’s great to remind them! That is how it works with my five little ones anyways. Thanks for sharing I am thrilled to hear from you again. Have a great day!
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